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Feel free to read my reviews of the different action figures in my collection. I have info and my opinion on many different figures. Enjoy!

I will review in the near future lines like Masters of the Universe, Marvel Legends, McFarlane, Dragonball Z, and others.
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02/25/06| Marvel Legends review of Sasquatch added

01/21/06| Marvel Legends review of Mr. Sinister added

12/31/05| Marvel Legends review of Cyclops added

12/30/05| Marvel Legends review of Angel added

12/18/05| Gargoyles reviews of Quick Strike Goliath and Griffin Goliath added

12/17/05| Gargoyles reviews of Lexington and Bronx added

11/01/05| Gargoyles section and reviews of Battle Goliath, Broadway, and Demona added

10/30/05| Marvel Legends review of Deadpool added

10/29/05| X-Men: Light up Classics review of Nightcrawler added

10/12/05| X-Men: Light up Classics reviews of Juggernaut and Wolverine added

10/10/05| X-Men: Light up Classics review of Psylocke and Marvel Legends review of Juggernaut added

10/09/05| X-Men: Light up Classics section and review of Gambit added

10/03/05| X-Men: Age of Apocalypse reviews of Weapon X and Magneto and Marvel Legends review of Omega Red added

09/25/05| Marvel Legends review of Punisher and Spawn review of Pilot Spawn added

09/10/05| X-Men: Age of Apocalypse section and reviews of Apocalypse and Sabretooth and DBZ review of Frieza 2 added

08/29/05| DBZ review of Frieza added

08/27/05| TMNT bio's and Leatherhead and Stone Biter from TMNT reviews added

08/26/05| Special double review of Tri-Spider-Slayer from Spider-Man: TAS added

08/25/05| MOTU reviews of Orko, Mekaneck, and Snake Crush Skeletor and TMNT reviews of Splinter and Foot Soldier added

08/23/05| Marvel Legends review of 1st appearance Hulk and MOTU reviews of Beast Man and Man-At-Arms added

08/22/05| Spider-Man review of Hobgoblin added

08/21/05| Spider-Man review of Carnage Unleashed added

08/20/05| Spider-Man reviews of Tombstone and Hydro-Man added

08/19/05| Spider-Man reviews of Web Shooter Spider-Man and Venom added

08/16/05| Spider-Man review of Smythe added

08/15/05| Spider-Man The Animated Series Section and Super Poseable Spider-Man and Carnage reviews added

08/14/05| Alien review of Snake Alien added

08/10/05| Predator review of Stalker Predator added

08/04/05| Aliens reviews of Flying Queen Alien and Space Marine Drake added

07/07/05| Predator review of Cracked Tusk Predator added and Aliens review of Scorpion Alien added

06/12/05| Predator section and review of Spiked Tail Predator added

06/11/05| Aliens section and review of Queen Alien added

04/15/05| Ninja Turtles reviews of Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo added

04/03/05| Ninja Turtles section and review of Leonardo added

04/02/05| Metallica review of Kirk Hammett added

04/01/05| Metallica review of Lars Ulrich added

03/12/05| MOTU review of Mer-Man and Metallica reviews of Jason Newsted and James Hetfield added

12/29/04| Marvel Legends review of Wolverine added

12/10/04| Spawn Series 2 review of Malebolgia added

12/09/04| Marvel Legends review of Sabertooth added

11/16/04| Spawn Series 2 review of Commando Spawn added

11/15/04| AVP reviews wrap up with the Elder Predator

11/13/04| DBZ reviews of Piccolo and Vegetto, AVP reviews of Scar Predator and Battle Alien, MOTU review of He-man, and Marvel Legends reviews of Beast and Silver Surfer added

11/11/04| DBZ reviews of Goku and Vegeta added

11/10/04| Spawn Series 1 reviews added

11/09/04| MOTU review of Two Bad added, AVP reviews kick off with Celtic Predator and Grid Alien

11/08/04| Marvel Legends reviews of The Thing and Captain America added

11/07/04| Site opens with reviews of Skeletor and Trap Jaw from MOTU


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