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Dragonball Z
I only bought a few of the earlier figures from this line, and I don't have any of the really new super articulated versions. These toys are simple, and not very detailed. They also don't have much articulation. However, they don't look too bad and you can't mistake them from their cartoon counterparts. Enjoy!


The thing I can't get past about this line is the articulation; each figure has two points at both arms. They are basically statues, not really action figures and some figures like Goku have a removable shirt. Goku is not particularly one of my favorite figures; he does not deserve a spot on my shelf. That does not mean that I do not like the way it looks though, it can be posed standing straight up next to Vegeta and others, but looks terrible battling with his arms extended. But the two points of articulation means one good thing: durability. My DBZ figures have fallen over when I set them all up on my coffee table and then accidentally knock them all down. Oh, and Goku seems to be next to impossible to find for me for some reason. I had to get him at a comic shop.




Vegeta comes with his classic Sayain armor that is split onto two pieces that snap together. He is articulated at the: arms, wrists, and shins for a total of five points. I really hate the face sculpt on this figure; it looks weird, but maybe it's just me. The thing that sticks out like a sore thumb on this figure is the hair; it is obviously just a piece that is glued onto the head. Hmm, not much else to say about the prince of Saiyans. The packaging is really plain but looks nice, although It is slightly boring after walking down aisle after aisle at the toy store and seeing rows and rows of the same swirly-type pattern on the card. Vegeta was very easy to find for me unlike Goku. I would not recommend this figure; I only bought it because it was the first Vegeta. Once again, it is very durable as is all of the original DBZ series.




Piccolo is one of the best Dragonball Z figures from the original line ever; He has a great pose, great accessories, and has great likeness. First off, Piccolo has two accessories: His cape and his turban. The cape is two pieces and snaps together much like the other figures in the line's armor or shirts. The hands are not posed like the other figures; they are pointed up as if Piccolo were "powering up" or something like that. Oh, and he was easy for me to find. In fact Piccolo was in the first mass of figures that I picked up from TRU when I started collecting Dragonball Z figures.




Finally, a Dragonball Z figure that really impressed me! Vegetto is really great. No, he does not have any more articulation, No, he does not have any extra accessories. He does come with a removable shirt though. But that is not the thing that impressed me, the sculpt and packaging is amazing. I don't know if this was released on a card like the other figures I have reviewed as I could not find one. Therefore I had to go with the super battle collection version. Now I must say, I thought that the packaging would suck on Super Battle Collection; but now I prefer it. Vegetto's cloths are like Goku's but the colors are reversed. You still may be wondering why I like this figure so much, but I can't really explain any further. If you can find him, I suggest buying one and see if you like 'ol Vegetto as much as I do.




This Frieza toy shoots a ball of energy from his mouth, which is pretty weird; I don't think he did that in the show. As for accessories he comes with the ball and removable Sayain amour. His tail comes off as he had to fit in the package, but I won't include it as an accessory. Why is Frieza such a girl? Pink skin, pink armor. Maybe they thought there were too many rough and tough characters in Dragonball Z. Anyway, this is the figure of Frieza in his first form, there are four altogether. I honestly don't think that kids will have much fun with this toy. Of all the children I have met none of them like action features. But if you like Frieza and are trying to get all of his forms in action figure form you don't have much choice right now, unless there is a newer Frieza made. I haven't been keeping track of the new line so if anyone has some info about the new toys, drop me a line.



Frieza Form 2
This Frieza is slightly better than the previous form figure, it has no action feature for one, better sculpting, and more articulation. Frieza has seven points of articulation at the knees, hips, shoulders, and neck.You can really move his shoulders much because of the restricting shoulder pad type things. He has no armour this time as I assume it broke off when he transformed. They decided to leave the action features out this series, and I am thankful they did. I don't know what it is about Dragonball Z toys, they just don't seem that great to me. I haven't picked up any of the new figures, they looked a little skinny to me when glanced at them in the store. Anyway, I don't know if there is a better Frieza 2 figure than this one, so I can't offer my usual reccomendation.

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