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X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

This line only lasted one series, which is really a shame as Toy Biz hade some great figures planned out. I have not read these comics, so I don't know what the "Age of Apocalypse" is. Anyway, these toys are pretty good but I only bought 4 out of the 5 made (Gambit would be released later, in a Famous Couples 2-Pack). Sorry if reviewing yet another old line is beginning to get under anyone's skin, but I am going to look into newer stuff soon!


Apocalypse is the ruler of America. New York City is now Apocalypse Island, and all humans are sentenced to slavery! Only the most powerful mutants survive to reign alongside the high lord En Sabah Nur! Those who oppose him, like Magneto and his X-Men must live in hiding, under the constant threat of being caught- or surrender. This is not some bleak view of the future- this is now... the Age of Apocalypse.


The most popular figure in this line, Apocalypse got a pretty good sculpt this time. It is nowhere near as good as the Marvel Legends version, and shortly after this was made an Onslaught Apocalypse was released that dominated all previous versions. His accessories are a saw hand that can fit onto one of his hands if you remove them, a cape, and the Shadow King. To me this figure seems a little small, but that is probably just because I am used to newer, bulkier versions. The packaging is pretty good on these toys, nothing too special. I rarely say this, but these toys may look better in the package than they do loose. If Toy Biz was to release a newer, updated Age of Apocalypse series then I am positive it would sell great. But if you want to collect this line then Apocalypse is a must.




Although Sabretooth is usually one of the X-Men's most fearsome foes, in this different reality, he is in fact an X-Man, fighting for peace alongside his former adversaries. And although he still possesses his savage strength and animal-like instincts, he also shares those traits via an empathic link with his feral companion, Wild Child who channels those primitive instincts, keeping rage in check.


This Sabretooth toy is a little weird. He comes with a Wild Child figure, which apparently is his sidekick. There is also a chain attached to Wild Child's back that can clip onto Sabetooth's wrist. This particular figure has a little more articulation than normal, eleven points at the knees, thighs, hips, shoulders, elbows, and head. Wild Child is just a solid piece with no articulation. Probably one of the more average figures in this line, Sabretooth's only real pro is the articulation. I wish that they had given him some sturdier chains, these ones don't hold up to age well. Thankfully Toy Biz gave us Marvel Legends, a fantastic line that is great for both kids and collectors. I would recommend looking into the Marvel Legends version of Sabretooth instead of this one.



Weapon X

The Age of Apocalypse - a dismal alternate reality ruled by the corrupt vision of a madman. Fighting in the mutant rebellion against the tyranny of Apocalypse is Logan, the mutant berserker known as Weapon X. Named after the government program that trained him, he is a living weapon, possessing a mutant healing factor, extraordinarily keen senses, and an unbreakable adamantium skeleton and claws. Since losing his hand to Apocalypse's forces, Logan must constantly struggle to keep his animal nature from overwhelming him in his defiant battle to preserve humanity. Includes Inverchangeable Weaponry!


Weapon X is Wolverine when he worked for the Canadian Government as a spy and soldier. He has no recollection of that era of his life. This action figure comes with three different arm attachments, a gun with a string of ammunition, a scythe, and a claw; all of which pop into his left arm. The sculpting is pretty awesome on this guy; Weapon X looks extremely wild and pumped. He has the standard seven points of articulation at the knees, hips, arms, and head. I have never seen Weapon X in this costume, but I assume he wore this in the Age of Apocalypse comics. I would recommend the Marvel Legends Weapon X to this one, it has more articulation and a better sculpt; plus it is easier to find. I have not seen this toy in stores for a few years, and I bought mine when it was new. At the time, it was a great toy.




In a different world the X-Men were founded by Erik Lehnsherr, better known as Magneto, the master of magnetism. Although the team roster has changed slightly, their quest for peace between human and mutants remains unchanged. A drive itstilled in Magneto by a man he once called a dear friend - the late Professor Charles Xavier.


This Magneto is probably the best figure of the series, but it is not perfect. His arms move out to the sides when straight, because of the weird joints. I also dislike the odd paint job, the colors are very dull and don't have much detail. The Unmasked Magneto figure from the Marvel Hall of Fame line is the same sculpt, except has a way better paint job. Other than the problems I have already mentioned, this is one decent Magneto toy. It has excellent play value for kids, and still looks cool. He comes with a removable cape, a removable helmet, and a large hand that fits over his right hand. If you can't find the Marvel Legends Magneto, this is the next best version of him produced to date.



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