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Predators are enemies of both the Aliens and the Marines. It is not known for certain where they are from, or how long they have known of the Aliens and Earth. They kill for sport. Their pride is everything. They wear their scars from battle like trophies. Predators will often take part of their foe, a prize such as a skull or tail to wear into battle - showing that they have killed many times before and will do so again. The Predator figures were released around the same time and by the same company as Aliens were, and are also great figures. I have not decided which line I like better, but that means they are both extremely excellent!

Spiked Tail Predator

The Spiked Tail Predator "Throws Punishing Assault Discs". This is done by sliding one of the three discs into a notch on the right hand of the figure and turning the waist then releasing it. The figure also includes a mask and a weapon that I want to call a spear, but it just doesn't look that much like one. So this weapon slides into a hole on the Predator's left arm. I suppose the figure is called Spiked Tail because his hair is long, like a spike and then some how the hair is made into a star type shape. I have no clue how the Predators accomplish this, but whatever. The packaging art style is very similar to the Aliens line. It has the words The Ultimate Alien Hunter above the Predator logo and then an illustration of the figure. Now I open all of my figures, but I like to keep this packaging because it looks so awesome. But man, I want a figure of the predator on the packaging! If there was one made, let me know.



Cracked Tusk Predator

I suppose this Predator is called cracked tusk because its left tusk is half broken off. I should add right here that this is the best predator ever made, except for the McFarlane Predators. It comes with a mask and the shoulder mounted pulse cannon that fires a missile out of it. This is actually a pretty cool feature - I don't know if any other Predator figures can even do it. The mask is easy to take off and put on, you just push it onto the figure's face and it can stay on pretty good with ought falling off. The right hand is molded into a fist and has the awesome wrist blades (!) protruding just like in the Predator movies. You will be very, very lucky to find this anywhere. I bought mine a few years ago in a comic shop for about 40$, a little more than I prefer to spend on action figures. But you may be able to find it online for cheaper. Once again, this is the best Predator figure from the original line Kenner made.



Stalker Predator

This Predator toy comes with a removable mask, three spears, and a device that launches the spears, All of which glow in the dark. The actual figure itself glows in the dark as well, a nice feature. The only parts that do not glow in the dark are the boots, right glove, Alien tail on left arm, Alien head on chest, and the Predator's actual head itself; although the eyes still glow. This is a pretty neat action figure and although kids may have more fun with other Predator toys such as Cracked Tusk, I am sure they would still be thrilled with this guy. Dunno how glowing in the dark would help him to sneak up on an enemy, seems like having a clear toy would be better. But perhaps Kenner didn't take that route because the detail is easier to see with the painted glow in the dark parts.



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