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Aliens. One of the greatest action figure lines of all time, it had everything; fairly easy to find figures, Good sculpts, Cool action features, and plenty of Marines and Aliens to satisfy your hunger for the mysterious and deadly beasts. Produced by Kenner in 1992 - 1995, and considered by many one of the best lines ever in Kenners' life span; had four waves and 27 figures produced. In case you have not seen the movies, here is a quick rundown. Aliens are the enemies of the Space Marines, a group of humans trying to save the universe from the Aliens. The Aliens outnumber the marines, but that does not mean the humans don't have a chance; Enjoy the reviews!

Queen Alien

The Queen Alien has always been a really great part of the Aliens universe. And this figure stays true to that aspect. Its only accessory is a "Deadly" Chest Hatchling (A baby Alien). There are two arms above where human arms are, and two more on the chest, just like in the movie. You can press a pump on the back of the head to slide out the inner set of jaws, and press a button the Queen's left hip to make the torso turn and therefore creating a tail swinging movement. There are ten points of articulation on this figure: One in each of the 6 arms, one in the neck, one in the waist, and one in each leg. I really love the packaging on these figures, there is a circular bubble on a card that has a illustration of the figure, the figure name and action feature in a orange strip, the Aliens logo on the left side of the card, and an acid dripping alien on the left (Which is on all of the figures, by the way). I may begin to include some loose (out of the package) photos of these figures, but only if I have enough spare time. You can usually find these figures at comic stores for around 15 or 20 bucks, which is a little high but I have seen this Queen Alien for 12$ - so keep your eyes open.



Scorpion Alien

This Alien has one of the coolest action features I have ever seen. Its torso explodes into three pieces when you press a button on its back. It comes with a brownish face hugger and comic number 2 in the series of comics included with some of the Marine and Alien figures. The face hugger can open its legs (?) so they can wrap around another figure's face to recreate scenes from the films. The paint application is a little poor on the teeth of this figure, it seems very sloppy. But this figure is very durable; the exploding mechanism still works properly after ten years of use. I wish that Kenner had made a regular warrior Alien, I was waiting for them to do so and then they went ahead and cancelled the line. I understand that there was an Alien VS. Predator two pack made but I have not seen it. Anyway, you may want to pass on this figure unless it is a good price.



Flying Queen Alien

The Flying Queen Alien's left claw is spring loaded, and snaps shut. The right claw is simply hinged. No accessories for this one, but the wings can flap when a button on the back is pressed. The plastic used for the body of this figure is translucent, which is actually a nice touch. There is the usual inner set of jaws visible, but they don't slide out of the Queen's mouth this time. I could see kids having a lot of fun with this toy, I know I would. Dunno where Kenner got the idea for this figure from, since it was not in any of the films. But don't get me wrong it is a cool figure nonetheless. I think you would be very lucky to find this toy somewhere at a decent price. But that pretty much applies to most toys on this site since I mainly review older action figures. In short, worth getting if you are collecting these toys and even if you are not- maybe worth getting anyway.



Snake Alien

This toy comes with comic number 9. There are no other accessories included. This entire toy is bendable, except for the head which even I think is a nice feature. The inner set of jaws can slide out when a switch is moved forward on the head. I think that Kenner just invented the idea for this toy out of thin air, but I don't really know. It would have been really sweet to see this guy in the movies. On the back of the part near the head where the snake bulges out, kinda like a cobra, and the top of the head it is painted a gold colour which actually works really nicely. You can't really see from the pic but there are a bunch of little spoke things poking out from the sides of the toy. This makes it look more snakelike I guess. Getting this toy to stand can be quite cumbersome; you have to kind of make a winding shape for it to work. Overall, this is a very fun toy and looks great in the package as well. It is really your choice if it is necessary to your collection or not, but if you happen to stumble across one and think it is a fair price, you wont be disappointed.




I think that I have neglected the Marines for long enough, so I will review them now. One of my favorites of the bunch, Drake comes with a Smart gun that separates into three parts. He also comes with comic number 5 in the series of mini comics included with some of the Aliens toys, and a sticker sheet. When you turn his waist it makes a clicking sound- this is supposed to be the gun firing. The mini comic is a pretty good if not short read. I wish it had a little more of a story behind it, but it is really action packed so I don't really care too much. I kind of like these comics because they don't take up as much room as a Marvel Legends comic does. But they are also way shorter, so I can't really say I prefer them to Marvel Legends comic books.



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