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I know that these figures are a little old, but they are very nice and I think they deserve a spot on my page. Metallica was a very popular band in the 1980's, for those who are unaware. The band consists of 4 members, and therefore has 4 figures in the set. Without further ado, Metallica:

James Hetfield

James Hetfield: Metallica's singer and guitarist comes with a guitar and part of the drum set. The likeness of this figure is amazing, hats off to the sculptors for this figure. The figure is sculpted in screaming what are undoubtedly lyrics about hell or death :). The hair is swinging to the side, as if James was swinging his head over from the right. The white guitar included has "so what" written on it, just like the real thing. The guitar can be removed if you want. This is probably my favorite figure from the series, but it is in close competition with the drummer, Lars. As usual, the "default" position that McFarlane figures have looks best than a "custom" position. But hey its not as though I play with my figures any way, right?


Jason Newsted

Jason Newsted is Metallica's bass player. The hair is sculpted very nicely on this figure, in a "head banging" motion. It looks just like the real person. The figure is clad in all black clothing - a t-shirt, wrist bands, and jeans. The bass guitar is all black and can be removed. The figure comes with part of the drum set, (see a trend yet) a small drum. Sorry I can't be more specific on the drum; it is all white and has a small black dot in the centre. I really don't know how to describe it any further that thus. This figure is probably my least favorite in the set, but it is still okay to say the least. The small piece of plastic holding the strap onto the guitar broke off on my figure, and therefore I had to purchase another figure to replace the guitar. Any way, a very solid figure and worth buying.



Lars Ulrich

This is probably my favorite figure from the set. You can combine all of the drum pieces that come with the other Metallica figures to get a complete drum set. The Chair and some more pieces of the drum set come with this figure. Lar's knuckles have some white paint on them. I got this figure at a department store for about 9 bucks, and that is a pretty good deal for most McFarlane figures in my area. Lars Ulrich doesn't have a shirt on and wears black pants. He is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist and ankles. But most of this articulation is useless, except for the elbows which even aren't the helpful. I like this figure, but some things I would have done differently such as the useless articulation that is on most modern McFarlane figures.



Kirk Hammett
Kirk Hammett plays a guitar in Metallica. He includes his Jackson guitar and a piece of the drum, as usual. This figure is very detailed; you can see wrinkles in Kirk's hands and individual clumps of hair. This isn't my favorite figure from the Metallica series, but I have to admit there are some good things about it. Kirk Hammett is articulated at the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles. As is the case with the rest of the Metallica figures, Kirk is dressed all in black. Since these figures are very similar, there isn't very much else I can say to describe this individual action figure. Once again, the articulation is useless and actually makes the figure harder to stand as the joints loosen with age. My figure's ankles are already very loose and this makes it extremely difficult to stand, therefore I try not to move him out of his current pose.

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