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I know, I promised to look into a newer toy line. I lied. Well actually, I don't really have the money to get into very many toy lines. I am still buying things like Marvel Legends though, so at least you can count on something. Anyway, Toybiz released these toys near the end of the 5 inch scale trend of the 90's. They all come with a light up weapon, and another regular plastic accessory. I bought all of the figures except for Elektra, which is just a red repaint of Psylock. Enjoy the reviews!


This Gambit sculpt would be reused time and time again, because it was actually fairly decent. He comes with a set of light up cards, a staff, and a soft plastic coat. The cards fit into Gambit's right hand and when you press a button on his back they light up. I count 9 points of articulation on him at the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck. Gambit's hands seem a little big, but I guess they had to make one bigger for the light up mechanism and the other as well so he is in proportion. All of the figures in this line have unique cards, which is always nice. I’m not sure how long the batteries would last on this line if a child was playing with the toys regularly, but all of my figures can still light up. I would highly recommend the Marvel Legends Gambit to this one, it has a cloth cape, better articulation, better accessories, and a better sculpt.




This is the only figure of Psylocke made, and she is very thin. She has the same 9 points of articulation as Gambit (Shoulders, neck, hips, knees, and ankles), although elbow joints would have been nice. Psylocke comes with a light up psychic knife and a regular plastic sword. The bands on her arms have pretty clean paint, although it could definitely be better. There is no depth to any part of her costume, but I guess Marvel Legends style paint is asking a little too much.  I wish Toy Biz would make a Marvel Legends style Psylocke, this one has pretty good articulation but you can't pose her in very many different ways. I don’t really like her light up weapon. It seems a little too bulky. The plastic sword is much better. Anyway, until we get a Marvel Legends version; this is your only option for a Psylocke toy.



This is a pretty good Juggernaut, before the Marvel Legends version this was the best toy of him made. It is one of the three Juggernaut figures with removable helmets, but the helmet attaches a slightly different way than you are probably used to. There is a slot inside of the helmet for Juggernaut's tiny head to fit into, and while this works and is probably the best method for a child's toy, it does make Juggernaut look ridiculous without the helmet on. Other than the helmet, Juggernaut's only accessory is a light up mace, which plugs into his left hand. For some reason this Juggernaut has no ankle articulation, like other figures did. Anyways, this is really a very good Juggernaut toy; aside from the odd proportions (huge arms, tiny head) this is the next best thing to the Marvel Legends Juggernaut.




Wolverine comes with two removable ammo belts that fit nicely around his waist and chest, and a light up gun. The gun is fairly large, extending all the way up to his shoulder. His claws are extended only on his left hand, which is a little odd as we don't normally see Wolverine with only one set of claws out. His costume is all blue, with purple gloves and purple bands on his thighs. Wolverine looks pretty angry, and Toy Biz managed make it look alright. As is the case with Juggernaut, Wolverine only has 7 points of articulation as he lacks the ankle joints that other figures in this line have. I don't know why Toy Biz insisted on having a different Wolverine toy in every different series, but if you like the costume on this toy it is the only figure of him that has it. I recommend either the Marvel Legends series 3 or 6 Wolverines to this one, as this one is probably more for the kids.




Last but not least, Nightrawler is another figure (like Juggernaut and Gambit) that was the best version of the character, until Marvel Legends was introduced. He is articulated at the shoulders, neck, hips, knees, ankles, and tail for a total of 10 points. As usual, he has a light up weapon; this time it is a flaming sword. Nightcrawler has okay articulation, but you just can't pose him in too many different ways. He looks odd standing straight up, and still kind of weird in a crouched position. The sword seems a little big, and sadly it is his only accessory. I personally would recommend the Marvel Legends version of Nightcrawler to this one, but if for some reason you don't want that one then the light up version is your next best option.



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