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Gargoyles...frozen in stone by day, flesh and blood winged warriors by night. Awaking after a thousand years, a band of powerful Gargoyles find themselves transported to a time and place not their own -- New York City. Here, the misunderstood creatures battle modern-day barbarians and struggle to understand their strange new world. Gargoyles...the legend begins.

Battle Goliath

There never was a regular Goliath figure in this line, although he had the most figures made. This version of him comes with a wrist gauntlet that fits onto Goliath's right arm, some removable chest armor, two removable wings, a tail, and two missiles that can be launched from a launcher on his left arm. Although not my favorite Goliath figure, it is still okay. It has reason to be called Battle Goliath, with amour pretty much everywhere; even on the top of the wings. The missile launcher works pretty good, but I think the included missile is too heavy. Battle Goliath has seven points of articulation, at the shoulders, hips, wings and neck. Fairly basic stuff. Overall, a pretty solid Goliath figure but definitely not the best.




Broadway's accessories are pretty useless, being an axe and mace that can clip together at the ends. You can't really see them in the picture, but the illustration on the insert shows what they look like. His only other accessories are his wings and tail. Broadway has the same 7 points of articulation as Goliath, at the hips, shoulders, neck, and wings. This figure seems a little too hunched; I don't remember his posture being that bad in the T.V. show. Oddly his hands are pointed down; but I guess this way you can pose him with his arms raised above his head. Broadway has always been my favorite Gargoyle, and we are fortunate he got a decent toy.




This figure is not too bad; except for its weird facial sculpt. It has the usual lame Gargoyle accessory, this time a rocket launcher that shoots a purple missile. Demona's wings flap when you squeeze her legs together. Fortunately, Kenner has resisted the urge to give every Gargoyle figure that action feature. Demona's sculpt is probably about 3 quarters right, but it could definitely use some work. I have had troubles with what to do with her tail. It seems too close to her and is slightly longer than it should be, so she can't stand properly. She is smaller than your average Gargoyle figure, but this is indeed true to the character. I am not positive another Demona figure has ever been made, but if possible you should look into that before buying this figure.




Lexington has always been a smaller character, so he has a smaller figure as well. His wings don't have to be removable to fit in the package like the other Gargoyles, but his tail still is. When you squeeze Lexington's legs together his wings move, which is pretty lame and a common action feature among Gargoyles toys. His ears are large and bat like, which is true to the cartoon version. Lexington comes with a grey missile launcher, which is fairly plain but I do like how they took the time to sculpt a gargoyle on the missile. Now, I was never a big fan of Lexington, but this would be a good toy for anyone collecting Gargoyles or a fan of the character.




The Gargoyle's "dog", Bronx, got a figure; despite not doing a whole lot in the cartoon. Kenner tried to make him fun by including a glider and a sword that can slide into a slot on the top. The silver part of the glider rotates, while the gold part attaches to Bronx. I can't figure out for the life of me what the sword is for, since he can't really hold it or anything. When you move Bronx's leg his jaw opens, which is nice. I really like the artwork on the insert of this figure; it stands out from the rest of the other ones in this line. This is one of the first Gargoyle toys I bought, and I am glad I did. I doubt most kids would have much fun with this toy, but if you want a good Bronx this is definitely the one to get.



Quick Strike Goliath

Yes, we're already down to variants for this line. I know I haven't reviewed all of the Gargoyles, since I haven't bought all of them yet. Quick Strike Goliath has the usual eight points of articulation at the legs, arms, head, tail, and wings. The great thing about this figure's articulation is the ball jointed shoulders (!), which was rather rare at the time. I really dig this figure’s sculpt: even his facial expression (a common problem among Gargoyle figures) is pretty good. However, Goliath is in a kind of weird pose because of the action feature; raise his legs and put his arms and wings together then wiggle his tail and he springs open. Pretty lame, but at least Kenner decided to give us a good figure and a cheap accessory; some weird axe thing he can't hold. This is the Goliath figure to get, excellent sculpting and a cartoon accurate color makes a good figure.



Griffin Goliath

There were a great number of Goliath variants made; I guess Kenner assumed he was a popular character. This however, was one of the variants that sold. The sculpt is excellent, just like Quick Strike Goliath's was. However, this time you get a bunch of crappy "griffin" plates that clip onto his legs, torso, and arms. Other than that you have the usual Gargoyle wings and tail. I really dislike the feathered wings they decided to give this Goliath; if he had regular wings he could easily be the Goliath of choice for collectors. His face is also weird, like he just ate a fly. Although the sculpt on this figure is good, in the end he is just too blue and weird to be the best.



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